Our Services

Latest Vaderstad Disc Drill

Can apply up to four products in one pass and can also plant crops including green feed maize.

Benefits :

Fert is laid beside seed so as not to damage seedlings. This also promotes roots to branch out and search for fert for better root development. After independent press wheels have pressed the seed the tine harrow lightly scatters the soil to allow moisture to penetrate the seed bed to help with germination.

Paddock Cultivation :

Tandem giant discs pulled by large tractor for extra deep cut and more hectares per hour for your money! Four furrow reversible plough, power harrow, roller drill and disc drill.

Latest Welger Round Baler

This has proved to be an excellent addition to our existing round balers. Our balers produce high density bales in both hay and silage and we always apply extra layers of film to help fermentation. This also stops air and moisture getting into the bale and helps stop animals from puncturing the wrap, which can cause mould.

Large Square Baler :

It produces large 1200 x 800 bales, six strings with only one knot. This is excellent for hay and silage and great for trucking.

Pit Silage

Our Pottinger Toro wagons are some of the best wagons on the market, with great features in speed, grass chop and load capacity.Our unique system for run-off work combines wagons and trucks to reduce costly self propelled harvesters and extra vehicles waiting in paddocks. Top that off with our massive stack rolling tractor, that keeps up with the amount of grass coming in and compacts stacks properly.

We also operate a quarry with various crushed metal products and screened pit metal. Trucks are available to cart metal and palm kernel to your farm and also cart fertiliser to farm bins/air strips.

Agricultural chemical spraying


We have a disc drill and a roller drill so can do under sowing, direct drilling or dirt paddocks.

Fertilser Spreading

We use gps tracking for proof of placement.




Bulk Cartage

We cart metal to help farmers repair their tanker tracks and farm races, fertiliser to farm bins and airstrips and palm kernel to designated farm sites.