Barry and Glen Taunt

For A Complete and Professional Contracting Service

At Taunt Contracting we take great pride in delivering top quality work to our customers, in this challenging environment. For that reason, we like to work closely with our customers to make sure their individual needs are met. With farming becoming more intensive and feed needing to be of the highest quality, it is of great importance to us that you get the most for your money.


At Taunt Contracting we are well –known for good quality silage due to using extra layers of film on silage bales and quality inoculants

we also have one of the largest tractors for pit silage compaction, an outstanding unit for rolling the air out of silage pits.


We have NZQA national certificates in Harvesting

It is not mandatory for farmers to use agricultural contractors that are registered. This is a worrying fact to the team at Taunt Contracting, one of only two registered contracting businesses in Taranaki. Barry says, "You wouldn't let an unqualified handyman build you a house, why let unqualified contractors work on your farm? " A future step for professional contractors.

Our Services

  • Bulk Cartage
  • Metal cartage
  • Metal Supplies
  • Earth moving
  • Cultivation
  • Direct drilling
  • Roller drilling
  • Agricultural chemical spraying
  • Palm Kernel Cartage
  • Fertilizer spreading
  • Mower conditioning
  • Swathing
  • Bulk silage harvesting
  • Round and square baling
  • Round and square wrapping


Our Address

taunt contracting ltd

We also use gps tracking for proof of placement for fertilser spreading service as well.